I truly cannot overstate how helpful Kristin and her team have been with my prescription needs. I have to take several medications, and a couple of them are of the newer brand name variety. Without the aid of Health Care Solutions I would be suffering economically, and, more importantly, medically. The work they do has saved my life in more ways than one.

- JH, 36, San Francisco, CA


I have seizures and no insurance. I was not able to pay my rent because I have to buy my seizure medicine. State and local programs told me I did not qualify for assistance because I had a job. Kristin was the only person who told me she could help me. I do not know where my family would be without her.

- EB, 44, Aston, PA


My brother has Alzheimer's and does not have prescription insurance. My husband and I paid full price for his medications for almost 2 years after his diagnosis. HCS helped us save over $2000 a month on my brother's medications.

- MW, 62, New Castle, DE


I struggled with severe morning sickness during my first trimester of pregnancy. My insurance approved me for anti- nausea meds, but only 12 pills every 30 days. I needed about 3 a day!! I called HCS and they got me a 90 day supply (270 pills) for only $50!

- KT, 29, Wilmington, DE


I contacted Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley and all my prayers were answered. The costs of a SIX month supply of my eight prescriptions are now less than the cost of ONE monthly insulin pen. Unbelievable!!! This is an awesome program and I hope you continue to touch lives in the way in which you touched mine. I thank God for you and your vision.

- SR, 49, Morton, PA