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A Workshop Series to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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Location         Episcopal Place at Park Row, 421 W. 24th Street, Upland, PA
Cost                $30 per week (Total $360)
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Deposit           $90 (Cannot use coupon code if using payment plan)
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The journey to sustainable weight loss is different for everyone. This interactive program teaches you the core principles to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. In a friendly group setting, you learn the best practices for healthy eating and fitness instruction. Drop the Pounds and take advantage of the benefits of living a healthier life.

This class is very informative, inspirational, and fun.  You will receive all of the tools necessary to live a healthy and fit life.  The instructors are excellent.  I am very impressed and glad that I signed up for this class.  I am dropping the pounds.
RT, 49

Drop the pounds weight changing class is great and informative.  We have learned some excellent ideas and tips to increase our awareness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Stacey, the dietician, is a great instructor.  Our group is a lot of fun and supportive.  I like the personal attention we receive. Thanks Drop the Pounds!!!!
EB, 59
When I attended the first class, I was amazed with the information I received by Stacey, the dietician.  It motivated me to get more involved in participating and motivating others.  I recommend this workshop should be taught in schools to help children. Thank you Kristin and Stacey.
TT, 53

I really like the fact that the program is geared towards getting me to think about food and the choices I make as a lifetime process.  Stacey Woodson, the dietician, explains the nutritional information in a way that you can understand and apply to your everyday life.  The information given to us is motivational.  The hard part is just obtaining the will power to apply what I am learning.
EV, 55   

Drop the pounds was a program was so much more than what I expected.  I learned that food was not my enemy.  I gained knowledge and understanding of portion control and exercise.
DH, 45

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