Employee health and workplace productivity go hand-in-hand. A healthy team is essential to ensure your company’s mission and goals are carried out. That’s why it makes good sense for employers to promote health and wellness in the workplace. HCS’s Employer Health Solutions (EHS) program is your answer for creating and maintaining a healthy workplace. Our services are easily available to all employees, even those who may not qualify for full medical benefits. This further promotes a healthy workplace within your organization.

“The event was a huge success in part because of your organization’s presence.  Our employees commented how great you guys were numerous times!”
Maria Rolston, Assistant
Vice President
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union


Make sure your employees
Get the flu shot... Not the Flu!

Benefits: to you:
Increase productivity
Reduce sick days
Show your employees you care
about their health

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We make your priority, our priority. That’s why we provide on-site services and customized programs for each client. Our licensed health care team includes pharmacists, nurses, and dieticians who are caring and passionate about health and wellness. Our services are conveniently located at your worksites to encourage employees to maintain sustainable healthy lifestyles, thereby creating a return on your investment.

Formulary Management

Our clinical pharmacists work one-on-one with your employees to manage their medications with a focus to maximize formulary utilization. Our efficient and effective methods result in improved use of health care resources, decreased medical costs, and improved quality of care for your employees.

Medication Cost Savings

If your employees cannot afford to purchase their medications, they may not buy them. This puts them at risk of disease progression and associated complications which could lead to productivity loss. We help your employees save on the cost of their medications by partnering with local pharmacies and other organizations to facilitate their access to free and discounted medications. This offers tremendous savings for self-insured employers.

Flu Shot Clinic

Help keep your employees free from the influenza virus (the flu). Our on-site flu clinics are offered annually from August to January. Keeping your needs in mind, our flu clinics are available 24/7. We provide everything necessary to run a successful flu shot clinic campaign, from marketing material to consent forms. We’ll take care of everything. Click here to enroll.

Biometric Screening

These health screenings are critical in disease prevention and management. We provide diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and body composition screenings. The information that our health care team uncovers during these screenings is vital. The non-invasive screenings provide immediate results which allow our team to provide important health education right away.

Medication Management

Research shows that up to 50% of Americans do not take their medications as prescribed. The mis-management of medications can lead to disease progression or even death. Our health care team can work one-on-one with those employees to make sure they know the how, when, and why of taking their medications.

Chronic Disease Management

Employees who do not properly manage their chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma are at an increased risk for disease progression and complications. Let our health care team work one-on-one with your employees to develop and execute a plan to help them better manage their chronic diseases.

Health Fairs

As the adage goes, knowledge is power. Keep your employees in the know by offering an employer-sponsored health fair, conveniently held at your workplace. We partner with a variety of community-based organizations in your area to provide employees with resources that can improve their lives. Our health fairs are customized to meet your employees’ needs. Let us plan your next health fair.

Health & Wellness Campaigns and Challenges

Biometric screenings allow us to determine the overall state of your employees’ health. From this information, we can create health and wellness campaigns and challenges to meet the needs of your employees. So whether your employees are interested in promoting healthier lunch options or improving their blood pressure, we will tailor a program that is best suited for your organization.

Smoking Cessation

On average, smokers miss 2.5 as many workdays as their non-smoking counterparts. Treatment for these complications can have a significant impact on group health insurance rates. Our health care team works one-on-one with your employees to provide them with the support and guidance they need to develop and executive a successful plan to stop smoking.

Weight Management

Overweight and obese employees cause a significant financial burden on employers due to health care costs and loss of productivity. The path to successful weight loss is unique for each person. Our trained health care team works individually with your employees to set goals and develop a plan to reach them. They are provided with the education and support necessary to get their weight under control.

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